Fast X streaming: where to watch movie online? (2024)


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Fast X streaming: where to watch online?

Currently you are able to watch "Fast X" streaming on Amazon Prime Video or for free with ads on Amazon Prime Video with Ads. It is also possible to rent "Fast X" on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, FlixFling, Spectrum On Demand online and to download it on Microsoft Store, Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu.

Can I watch Fast X in theaters?

Yes! You can get tickets to see Fast X in theaters in the United States right now. Tickets are available on Fandango.

Where does Fast X rank today?

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Nineteen Eighty-Four



City of God



Fast X



Promising Young Woman



Event Horizon



Trading Places



Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre


Streaming charts last updated: 5:15:00 AM, 06/12/2024

Fast X is 457 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The movie has moved up the charts by 250 places since yesterday. In the United States, it is currently more popular than Promising Young Woman but less popular than City of God.


Fast X sees the family return for another dose of adrenaline-fuelled action

With the return of Cipher, Dom and the Toretto family will have to use all of their street-smarts against him. Fast X is the first of an exhilarating two-part conclusion for the beloved characters in the Fast and Furious franchise.

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What to know

Fast and Furious' tenth instalment stars Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes – a deadly villain with a taste for chaos

Fast X is an action film directed by Louis Leterrier and distributed by Universal Pictures. The movie takes place within the 'Fast' franchise, which began in 2001 with The Fast and the Furiousand features blockbuster hits such as Furious 7.

Starring Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto and Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes, Fast X is the first film in a two-part conclusion to the long-running saga.It is also known by fans as "Fast 10" or "Fast and Furious 10".

Justin Lin had originally signed on to direct Fast X and its sequel, but he was later replaced after creative differences with the studio. The movie – which is also commonly referred to by fans as Fast and Furious 10 – is produced by the franchise's leading man, Vin Diesel.Fast X was released in cinemas on 19th May 2023.

Production News

  • October 20, 2020
    • Justin Lin, director of four previous films in the series, signs on to direct Fast 10 and 11 which are confirmed to be the concluding films of this story.(Source: Hollywood Reporter)
  • June 15, 2021
    • Tyrese Gibson reveals that Fast 10 and Fast 11 will shoot back to back across different continents to appease the worldwide fan base. (Source: Collider)
  • June 21, 2021
    • Actor and franchise producer Vin Diesel confirmed that Cardi B would star in Fast and Furious 10 after having been introduced into the series in F9. (Source: Entertainment Tonight)
  • August 3, 2021
    • Actor Dwayne Johnson, who had been in a number of Fast franchise films including the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, confirmed that he would not return for Fast 10 or 11. (Source: Collider)
  • December 15, 2021
    • The release date for Fast and Furious 10 was confirmed to be May 19, 2023. (Source: Collider)
  • March 2, 2022
    • Jason Momoa is confirmed to be playing a villain in the still untitled Fast 10. (Source: Collider)
  • April 10, 2022
    • Brie Larson becomes the next new face to join the cast alongside Daniela Melchoir. (Source: Collider)
  • April 20, 2022
    • Fast 10 is finally given its proper franchise title Fast X as principal photography begins and a host of returning cast members confirmed including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron and Sung Kang(Source: ScreenRant)
  • April 26, 2022
    • Franchise favourite and long-time director of the Fast and Furious films, Justin Lin steps down as director of Fast X citing creative differences with the studio. He remains on board as a producer.(Source: Deadline)
  • May 2, 2022
    • Louis Leterrier is confirmed to be taking over directorial duties on Fast X. The french filmmaker is best known for his work on the first two Transporter movies, Unleashed with Jet Li and The Incredible Hulk.(Source: Variety)
  • August 7, 2022
    • A video from the set confirms that there will be more flying car stunts in the film. (Source: ScreenRant)
  • August 22, 2022
    • Producer and actor Vin Diesel teases that the stakes in this film will be higher than ever for the family. While he remained tight-lipped on the details he recognised that it would be difficult to top taking the action into space in the way the last film did. (Source: ScreenRant)
  • August 23, 2022
    • Jason Momoa described his character as both 'androgynous' and 'a bit of a peaco*ck'. Momoa confessed that he is relishing the opportunity to play a villain after having been limited in recent roles to playing the good guy. (Source: Variety)
  • September 18, 2022
    • Brie Larson reveals that her character will be named Tess in the franchises tenth instalment. She teased a photo of a pair of black boots from set furthering speculation that she'll be a villain in the upcoming action drama.(Source: Variety)
  • January 13, 2023
    • Leo Abelo Perry is cast as Dom Torreto's son, Brian.(Source: ScreenRant)
  • February 13, 2023
    • The first trailer for the film is released showing Jason Momoa as the main villain. (Source: Deadline)
  • March 27, 2023
    • Brie Larson confirms that her character is the daughter of Mr Nobody played by Kurt Russell. (Source: SlashFilm)
  • April 7, 2023
    • A new featurette is released showing brief interviews with all of the cast members.(Source: ScreenRant)
  • April 19, 2023
    • A trailer for movie is released teasing the two-part finale with Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa featuring prominently. (Source: ScreenRant)
  • April 26, 2023
    • Vin Diesel confirms that Fast X will have a second part that releases in 2025. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)
  • May 11, 2023
    • Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow Walker is confirmed to be appearing in the movie in a cameo role. (Source: ScreenRant)
  • May 14, 2023
    • The final trailer for Fast X is released teasing a new threat to Dom Toretto and the family. (Source: YouTube)

Streaming Charts

The JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. This includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. This includes data from ~1.3 million movie & TV show fans per day.

Fast X streaming: where to watch movie online? (32)




Action & Adventure, Crime, Mystery & Thriller,

Action Thriller


2h 22min

Age rating


Production country

United States


Louis Leterrier


Vin Diesel

Dominic Toretto

Michelle Rodriguez

Letty Ortiz

Tyrese Gibson

Roman Pearce


Tej Parker

John Cena

Jakob Toretto

Nathalie Emmanuel


Jordana Brewster

Mia Toretto

Sung Kang

Han Lue

Jason Momoa

Dante Reyes

Scott Eastwood

Little Nobody

Daniela Melchior

Isabel Neves

Alan Ritchson


Helen Mirren

Queenie Shaw

Brie Larson


Jason Statham

Deckard Shaw

Charlize Theron


Rita Moreno


Leo A. Perry

Little Brian

Luis Da Silva Jr.


Jaz Hutchins

Agency Tech

Luka Hays

Cipher Tech

Pete Davidson




Miraj Grbić

Russian Bag Guy

Meadow Walker

Flight Attendant

Michael Irby

Zizi (archive footage)

Ben-Hur Santos

Lead Cartel Thug

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

Josh Dun

Josh Dun

Dwayne Johnson

Luke Hobbs (uncredited)

Gal Gadot

Gisele Yashar (uncredited)

Paul Walker

Brian O'Conner (archive footage) (uncredited)

Emily Buchan


Luca De Massis

Driver (uncredited)

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Fast X streaming: where to watch movie online? (69)

Fast X streaming: where to watch movie online? (2024)
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