- Backrooms Entities (2024)

Contained herein is an inventory of multifarious entities that inhabit the Backrooms, each meticulously labeled with an individual catalog number. The spectrum of these entities extends from the intriguingly odd to the starkly lethal. As our exploration into the intricate labyrinths of the Backrooms deepens, it is reasonable to expect this catalog to expand with fresh additions. - Backrooms Entities (1)

Consider these catalog numbers as a practical tool for classification and documentation. Given the boundless complexity and vastness of the Backrooms—a universe teeming with countless anomalous creatures and phenomena—the use of these numerical identifiers helps impose a semblance of order amidst the chaos, bringing together and giving definition to these otherwise disparate elements.

It is pertinent to point out that within the diverse community of Backrooms explorers and storytellers, there exists no agreed-upon or official rostrum of these entity numbers. Varied interpretations and narrative requirements lead different users to assign different numbers to entities. Some might employ a system based on the chronological order of entity discovery or documentation, while others may prioritize factors like perceived threat level or another nuanced criterion.

Ultimately, these numbers serve as aids in our collective quest to explore, discuss, and understand the sprawling, labyrinthine universe of the Backrooms. They do not, as one might assume, hold any inherent meaning or hint about the characteristics of their assigned entity—they simply act as unique identifiers, labels to aid our comprehension and communication.

Entity 0 ("Smilers") - Smilers are among the most distinctive entities in the Backrooms universe. The humanoid silhouette of a Smiler is made uncanny by its unnaturally broad, disconcerting smile. They are not instant aggressors, but their mere presence is sufficient to provoke feelings of dread and paranoia. It appears that the joy they derive is not from physical harm, but from the fear they inspire. Legends tell us that they can manipulate the physicality of the Backrooms, crafting deceitful exits, further tormenting any unfortunate wanderer that crosses their path.

Entity 1 ("Hounds") - The shadow-dwelling Hounds of the Backrooms are quadrupedal entities, recognized by their deep, reverberating growls and the soft patter of their steps across the carpeted expanse. Their canine resemblance, both in sound and behavior, inspires their name. Highly territorial in nature, Hounds will resort to aggression if their space is violated. Evading them requires recognizing their territory markers, typically scratch marks on walls or heaps of an unidentifiable dark substance.

Entity 2 ("Caller Unknown") - Caller Unknown is an incorporeal backrooms entity responsible for leaving voice mails, texting, emailing, and calling lost travelers in the Lobby and other places in the Backrooms. This entity's motives tend to be mischievous—sometimes helpful, and sometimes harmful. It doesn't need a functional phone, computer or other device to contact travelers. It just needs them to exist.

Entity 3 ("Skin-Stealers") - Among the Backrooms entities, the Skin-Stealers are particularly dreaded. Their moniker is a chilling nod to their purported ability to pilfer the skin of their victims, subsequently adopting their appearance and almost flawlessly mirroring their behaviors. Identifying a Skin-Stealer is a challenging endeavor. However, they are rumored to betray themselves through their rigid movements and a slight discoloration of the stolen skin. Encounters with these entities should be circumvented at all costs—they are incredibly dangerous.

Entity 4 ("Resident Shadows") - Weary travelers on Backrooms Level -0.3 (Static Haven) run the risk of being absorbed by the level, becoming Resident Shadows. Too much exhaustion makes travelers more prone to absorption by the level. Those absorbed by Static Haven, become barely visible staticky shadows whose speech is perceived by most as a faint buzzing sound.

Resident shadows often slip through wall and even levels of the Backrooms. They seek out travelers begging for help, but are seen by the travelers as fleeting, static shadows. The touch of a resident shadow at first numbs the one in contact with them, and if not shaken off, leads to paralysis and even unconsciousness. Contact with bare flesh often results in overwhelming despair and madness, though this passes with time.

Entity 5 ("Green Sentinels") - These towering humanoids lurk in massive burrows they dig under the remains of the city on level 79. Often their burrows cause the collapse of roads and skyscrapers that are already dilapidated. The green sentinels stay hidden until sunset begins. Then they begin to emerge, staying to shadows until direct sunlight is no longer a threat.

Standing at full height, on a city street, these vine-covered shapes easily rival 11-13 story buildings. Instead of eyes, they have two glowing purple orbs that focus like search lights on whatever or whoever thy look at. Any travelers grappled by these monstrosities disappear into their vine-covered mouths. - Backrooms Entities (2)

Entity 6 ("Insanities") -This naked, humanoid body covered in a swirling mass of agonized faces slowly shambles toward you. All the faces swirl around the surface of its body as if pressing to escape, never leaving its flesh. Each set of tortured black eyes stares into your soul, begging for relief. All you can hope is that the insanity doesn't catch up to you.

Entity 7 ("Facelings") - The Facelings are humanoid entities distinguishable by their featureless, blank faces. Despite the absence of facial characteristics, they manage to communicate and traverse the Backrooms with an eerie ease. While they are not prone to unprovoked aggression, they are known to respond with violent retaliation if threatened. Some explorers recount having made contact with Facelings. However, these accounts are typically clouded in uncertainty and tinged with fear.

Entity 11 ("Crawlers") - The Crawlers, with their non-humanoid forms and peculiar movement patterns, are unsettling presences within the Backrooms. They skulk along walls and ceilings, their beady, luminescent eyes forever watchful. While their aggression isn't as pronounced as some others, they can become hostile when feeling threatened. A high-pitched, distressing screech often signals their imminent attack. Noted for their quickness and agility, Crawlers are entities to be wary of.

Entity 12 ("Watchers") - Tall and human-like, these figures lurk in the distance, often still as statues. Named for their disconcerting habit of silently observing the wanderers of the Backrooms, Watchers can often be spotted maintaining a still posture, their gaze unwaveringly focused on their subject of interest. They are not typically associated with aggressive actions, but their relentless surveillance is a cause for unease. What provokes a Watcher to begin tailing someone remains a mystery, but once they have chosen a subject, their observation is relentless and unnerving.

Entity 13 ("Whisperers") - More heard than seen, Whisperers are notorious for their faint whispers that reverberate eerily through the Backrooms. The murmurs they produce have the ability to lull their victims into a hypnotic state, leaving them vulnerable to other lurking entities. If their whispers start to reach your ears, it's advised to either cover them or generate some kind of noise to drown out the Whisperers' siren-like calls.

Entity 23 ("The Mother") - The Mother is an infrequent but exceptionally chilling entity. She manifests as a skeletal, phantom-like figure, often heard mournfully crying out for her lost child. The lamentations of The Mother can induce emotional turmoil, confusion, and in more extreme cases, vivid hallucinations. It's recommended to move away from her wails as quickly as possible. Lingering within earshot for too long risks a detrimental impact on one's sanity.

Entity 24 ("Skeletal Drifters") - The sole known entities in this level are the Drifters. They appear skeletal, with elongated limbs, and exhibit a swift, fluid movement through the water. Drifters usually disregard wanderers but can show aggression when incited.

Entity 25 ("Marble Statues") - These are the main occupants of the Marble Fortress. These statues are stationed all over the place, frozen in place until someone interacts with them. But here's the creepy part - they move closer whenever you're not looking. So, don't take your eyes off them for too long!

Entity 38 ("Mimics") - Mimics are deceptive entities that assume the guise of mundane objects or elements of the Backrooms environment— doors, wallpaper, even light fixtures are not beyond their repertoire. When an unsuspecting wanderer comes too close, the Mimic discards its disguise, revealing its true form before launching an attack. Detecting a Mimic is a challenge, but an acute eye for subtle movements or inconsistencies can prevent a traveler from stumbling into their trap.

Entity 43 ("Shadows") - Shadows are not physical entities per se, but rather unsettling anomalies that take the form of dark patches on the Backrooms' walls. These Shadows are not fixed, morphing and moving over time. They are known to evoke feelings of profound dread and terror. Some wanderers recount hearing vague whispers or experiencing an icy touch when in proximity to a Shadow. When appearing on level -0, shadows appear as nebulous, formless entities drifting within dense fog.

Entity 47 ("Void Wanderers") - Almost invisible entities that appear to drift aimlessly through the void. Contacting them incites a deep sense of existential dread. They show no aggression, but their avoidance remains crucial. Their existence is the sole variance in the monotonous stillness of Level -666.

Entity 50 ("Dolls") - Dolls, true to their moniker, manifest as diminutive, child-like figures within the Backrooms. They are frequently found stationed in corners or hallways, remaining static until they're disturbed. Upon being roused, Dolls spring into activity, emanating an aura of severe dread and unease. Some wanderers recount being shadowed by Dolls after initial contact, catching glimpses of their small forms flitting at the edge of their vision.

Entity 57 ("The Lost") - Believed to be once-normal wanderers reshaped by the Backrooms' reality-twisting environment, The Lost are entities that appear as disoriented, bewildered humanoids aimlessly roving about. While not naturally aggressive, they have shown a tendency to lash out when approached, potentially a reaction borne out of fear or confusion.

Entity 59 ("Morphers") - Morphers are entities native to Level -18. They boast an astonishing adaptability, shifting their physical form and behavior in response to the level's transitions. While these creatures can sometimes display hostility, they mostly appear to be as baffled by the shifts as the wanderers themselves.

Entity 66 ("The Guide") - A unique entity in its own right, The Guide is said to present itself to wanderers who've lost their way. Characterized by an attire of aged, outmoded clothing, The Guide offers directions and advice to wanderers, though its true intentions remain shrouded in uncertainty. Some narratives suggest it has guided them towards safety, while others caution that its directions have led them deeper into peril within the Backrooms.

Entity 74 ("Phantoms") - Phantoms are ethereal, ghostly entities that appear to drift between the physical and the spectral plane. They're distinguished by their haunting, mournful wails and the frigid chill that seems to cling to their presence. While generally non-aggressive, Phantoms can elicit profound feelings of despair and terror in those unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Phantoms appear natively on levels -ψ and -ε, where they tend to mimic the current form of the environment, which makes them challenging to discern. Also, phantoms are known to adopt forms from the wanderer's subconscious, potentially appearing as familiar people, animals, or objects.

Entity 81 ("Water Wraiths") - The depths of the water are home to shadowy figures—Water Wraiths, they're called. Normally, they're non-aggressive, but their presence can stir up feelings of paranoia and fear. Tread carefully.

Entity 85 ("The Screaming Hall") - This isn't an entity in the typical sense, but rather a section of the Backrooms where the walls themselves seem to shriek in agony. The screams oscillate from deep, guttural moans to piercing, high-pitched screams, generating a terrifying orchestration of sound. Extended exposure to The Screaming Hall has resulted in psychological trauma and even physical harm stemming from the overwhelming cacophony.

Entity 91 ("The Librarian") - Reported to reside in the Backrooms' areas teeming with books and scrolls, the Librarian is an entity that takes on the form of a cloaked humanoid figure. Other reports suggest, the Librarian is a solitary, elderly entity that silently roams the library, maintaining and arranging books. It appears to supervise these text-filled regions. Interactions with the Librarian differ widely, with some claiming it is amicable and insightful, while others allege it exhibits dangerous territorial behavior. Caution and respect are advised when approaching the Librarian.

The Librarian is a peer to the Archivist, and supervises the minor librarians.

Entity 98 ("The Weeper") - Characterized by the sound of sobbing that precedes its presence, The Weeper emerges as a figure engulfed in tears from afar. It's believed that hearing the weeping can induce a profound sense of melancholy in wanderers. It is strongly advised to evade direct contact or proximity to The Weeper, as the ensuing despair can intensify to incapacitating levels.

Entity 105 ("Clones") - Clones are entities that adapt the exact appearance and mannerisms of Backrooms wanderers. This can result in bewildering instances where a wanderer is confronted by their own mirror image. Though not directly harmful, Clones can evoke significant psychological distress and confusion, sometimes leading wanderers astray from their intended path.

Entity 108 ("Sky Serpents") - These graceful, otherworldly creatures glide from island to island, minding their own business. They'll keep to themselves unless you provoke them, so it's best to let them be.

Entity 114 ("Silhouettes") - In the cinema, you're never alone. You'll spot shadowy figures, the Silhouettes, watching the films with you. They usually don't pay you any mind, but they sometimes turn their heads as if aware of your presence.

Entity 117 ("The Cheshire") - This entity is identified by its unnerving grin, which often remains the only visible feature in the dimly lit expanses of the Backrooms. Possessing the ability to materialize and vanish at will, The Cheshire leaves nothing but its haunting smile behind. While it doesn't exhibit direct aggression, The Cheshire appears to relish the fear and disorientation it instigates among wanderers.

Entity 120 ("Whirlpool Entity") - This entity, unique to Level -9.1, is an aquatic predator that capitalizes on the whirlpools as a hunting strategy. Its watery constitution makes it nearly imperceptible in the aquatic surroundings, and its attacks are alarmingly swift and lethal.

Entity 123 ("The Puppeteer") - Renowned for its ability to manipulate the actions of other entities and unsuspecting wanderers, The Puppeteer is a notably hazardous entity. It remains concealed most of the time, its presence only discernible through the abnormal conduct of those under its sway. Avoidance is strongly advised, as once under The Puppeteer's influence, regaining one's autonomy proves exceedingly challenging, if not impossible.

Entity 131 ("The Jester") - The Jester is an erratic entity that embodies the form of a court jester or a clown. It thrives on the fear and disarray it incites, and while its pranks aren't always harmful, they can cause disorientation or even peril. Interactions with The Jester are advised against, as its actions can rapidly escalate.

Entity 138 ("Curators") - Curators are ghostly humanoid entities that ceaselessly glide through the library's corridors, continually arranging and cataloging the numerous books. They largely ignore wanderers, unless they observe the books being damaged or handled improperly.

Entity 139 ("Reflectors") - Reflectors are entities that roam Level -19, perfectly mirroring their surroundings. They are indistinguishable from the environment, only noticeable when they move. Their intentions and behaviors remain unknown.

Entity 147 ("Wandering Light") - Manifesting as a soft, radiant glow, often noticeable from a distance, this entity is the Wandering Light. Though harmless in its essence, the Wandering Light tends to lure wanderers deeper into the Backrooms or within the reach of more menacing entities. Despite the inviting aura of these lights, it's recommended to avoid trailing after them.

Entity 156 ("The Siren") - Renowned for its mesmerizing melody that attracts wanderers, The Siren assumes the appearance of a distorted humanoid figure. The song of The Siren can instigate confusion, disorientation, and an irresistible urge to draw closer. Blocking one's ears or producing a loud noise can help fend off its captivating charm.

Entity 162 ("Shifters") - These entities have the power to mold the reality of Level -12 to their whims. They can assume any form and often adapt to the characteristics of the current landscape. While not inherently aggressive, they can respond unpredictably to interactions.

Entity 164 ("The Static King") - The Static King is a large, shapeless entity that engenders a field of static in its vicinity. This static can disrupt electronic devices and trigger visual and auditory illusions. While it seldom moves, its presence substantially modifies the adjacent Backrooms, making navigation a challenge and encounters with other entities more probable.

Entity 168 ("Mirages") - Beware of mirages. They boast a perturbing talent - they can mirror your appearance. They are not inherently hostile but might stir confusion and panic with their eerie mimicry.

Entity 172 ("The Ink Blot") - Manifesting as a large, mobile stain spreading across walls and floors, this entity is known as The Ink Blot. Coming into contact with The Ink Blot can result in disorientation, memory loss, and occasionally, temporary blindness. Upon sighting this entity, the best strategy is to retrace one's steps and seek an alternative route.

Entity 180 ("The Watchmaker") - Often seen wielding or surrounded by a collection of timepieces, The Watchmaker is an entity that seems to wield control over the perception of time within the Backrooms. Encounters with The Watchmaker have led wanderers to report experiences of time dilation, temporal loops, and even glimpses of potential futures. The consequences of interacting with this entity remain a mystery.

Entity 191 ("The False Exit") - A particularly treacherous entity, The False Exit presents itself as a door or portal that seems to provide an escape from the Backrooms. However, those who attempt to use it often find themselves in areas that are even more dangerous or disorienting. The lure of a perceived exit makes this entity especially threatening to desperate wanderers.

Entity 200 ("Echoes") - Echoes assume the form of a previous event or interaction that the wanderer has experienced. These Echoes can be visual, auditory, or even physical repeats of past encounters. While they don't pose direct harm, they can cause confusion or lead to misinterpretation of the current situation.

On their native level (Level -Θ), Echoes are spectral, nebulous entities that aimlessly drift. Nearly as intangible as the level itself, they appear translucent and seemingly oblivious to the presence of wanderers. As with many entities, their behavior changes based on the level they are found on.

Entity 212 ("The Mind Leech") - The Mind Leech is an elusive entity with the ability to intrude on the thoughts of wanderers, leading to mental fatigue, confusion, and in severe instances, loss of self-identity. Its elusive nature makes it difficult to discern when an attack is taking place. Maintaining a clear mind and focusing on one's identity can help repel its influence.

Entity 217 ("Quiet Walkers") - Silhouetted figures, humanoid in form, silently skulk amongst the trees. They don't bother with wanderers, carrying on their silent promenades.

Entity 220 ("The Web Weaver") - Manifesting as a large, spider-like entity, The Web Weaver creates intricate webs throughout the Backrooms, ensnaring wanderers or other entities. Some reports suggest that The Web Weaver can manipulate its webs to craft illusions or maze-like structures, leading wanderers off their intended path. - Backrooms Entities (3)

Entity 231 ("The Conductor") - Taking on the guise of a spectral train conductor, The Conductor is an entity that's frequently associated with the sound of a distant train horn echoing through the Backrooms. It is theorized that The Conductor serves as a herald or guide for an unseen ghostly train. Although encounters with this entity can be disorienting and uncanny, it doesn't seem to pose direct hostility.

Though unconfirmed, many speculate that Conductors and Silent Conductors work for the the Conductor.

Entity 233 ("Drifters") - Drifters are enigmatic entities that resemble levitating, cloaked figures. They glide effortlessly between fragments and exhibit no known signs of hostility. Their motives remain a mystery.

Entity 234 ("Crystal Crawlers") - The only other inhabitants here are the Crystal Crawlers. They're like giant spiders, but made entirely of crystals. As eerie as they sound, they're usually harmless unless you bother them.

Entity 236 ("Silent Conductors") - These mute humanoid entities maintain the operation of the trains. Generally indifferent, they may turn hostile if their duties are disrupted by wanderers. Many speculate that silent conductors work for "The Conductor".

Entity 237 ("Luminae") - Luminae are luminous entities that mimic Earth's fauna yet display the disturbing glow characteristic of the level's flora. Their behaviors often parallel those of their Earthly analogs, albeit with a higher degree of unpredictability.

Entity 238 ("Paradoxes") - The Paradoxes are entities native to Level -π. They are paradoxical by nature, materializing as impossible objects or figures. Some Paradoxes might appear as three-dimensional renditions of a Penrose triangle or a Möbius strip. They are typically non-aggressive, mainly serving to enhance the disorientation of wanderers.

Entity 239 ("Negatives") - Indigenous to Level -ζ, Negatives appear as radiant white silhouettes of varying shapes and sizes. Exhibiting erratic and unpredictable behaviors, they often exacerbate the disorientation experienced by wanderers.

Entity 240 ("Decayers") - Named for their capability to rapidly decompose any material they come in contact with, Decayers are shadowy humanoid figures that wander the level, posing a significant threat.

Entity 241 ("Nulls") - The Nulls are featureless, humanoid entities of white, effortlessly camouflaging with the environment of Level -. Their behavior is not overtly hostile, but they emanate a disquieting aura. Their purpose or the exact nature of their existence within Level - remains a mystery.

Entity 242 ("Metro Morphs") - They might look human-ish, but their stretched-out limbs and glowy eyes tell a different story. Usually, they're just hanging around dark platforms or riding the trains and won't bother you unless you poke the bear.

Entity 243 ("Maze Runners") - These are the speedsters of Level 10—creatures with an itch for skittering down the maze. They're the shy types, but back them into a corner and they can turn nasty fast.

Entity 244 ("Hive Drones") - The true builders and caretakers of the Hive. These bug-like entities scuttle through the tunnels, minding their own bee’s wax unless you mess with their precious eggs.

Entity 246 ("The Poltergeist") - The Poltergeist is an unseen force known for its capacity to manipulate objects within the Backrooms. It can move items, generate noise, or even fling objects to produce distractions or obstacles. Although The Poltergeist cannot be physically seen, its presence is often marked by a sudden drop in temperature and a chilling, unnerving sensation.

Entity 258 ("The Collector") - Known for its compulsion to amass items found within the Backrooms, The Collector frequently manifests as a large, stooped figure carrying a sack filled with a myriad of objects. While it doesn't seem to pose a direct threat, it can become aggressive if it perceives its collection to be in jeopardy.

Entity 267 ("The Shadow Stalker") - The Shadow Stalker is an entity that flawlessly blends with the shadows of the Backrooms, silently tailing wanderers, often just beyond direct sight. Encounters with The Shadow Stalker can lead to feelings of paranoia and fear, as this entity has the ability to mimic the appearance of a wanderer's shadow, instilling a sensation of being watched or pursued.

Entity 272 ("Prisms") - In the light-dappled garden roam the Prisms, entities that mimic humanoid crystal structures. They glide slowly, emitting a soft, pacifying light. Their demeanor is predominantly placid, often found stationary or meandering aimlessly.

Entity 277 ("The Oracle") - Manifesting as an ancient, wise figure who communicates in riddles and prophecies, The Oracle is said to possess knowledge of the past, present, and potential futures within the Backrooms. Although The Oracle does not seem to pose a direct threat, its cryptic messages can lead to confusion or misunderstanding.

Entity 279 ("Chaotic Manifestations") - These entities are as erratic as the level itself, oscillating in form and behavior. They might appear benign at one moment and aggressive the next.

Entity 280 ("Shades") - Shades are ephemeral, shadowy entities, perceptible only at the periphery of one's vision, vanishing when directly observed. Their elusive nature and intentions remain a mystery.

Entity 286 ("Timewalkers") - Unfazed by the time distortions, these entities traverse Level -17 with ease. They resemble humanoid figures, cloaked in ever-shifting fabrics of time. Interactions with Timewalkers may result in time-related anomalies, altering the course of events in unpredictable ways.

Entity 289 ("The Puppet") - The Puppet manifests as a marionette dancing on invisible strings. Known for mimicking the movements of observers, it's unclear whether this is a form of communication or imitation. Although not considered hostile, its sudden apparitions can be startling and disorienting.

Entity 299 ("Librarians") - Also known as "minor librarians", these spectral entities move about in their timeless dance, protecting their precious hoard. They roam the endless aisles, tidying up with a fervor that speaks volumes of their silent dedication. They hold no malice unless the sanctity of their books is threatened. Minor librarians serve "the Librarian" and often aid "the Archivist".

Entity 300 ("The Faceless") - Standing as a tall, humanoid entity devoid of discernible facial features, The Faceless is known to induce intense unease and dread. It silently observes wanderers from afar, rarely interacting unless provoked. Its motives and behavior patterns largely remain a mystery.

Entity 309 ("Illusions") - Illusions take center stage as the primary inhabitants of this level. They appear to be sentient, yet ephemeral manifestations of a wanderer's psyche. Although they are usually passive, their impact can incite psychological disarray or distress.

Entity 310 ("Wisps") - The Wisps represent the primary entities within this level. They exhibit signs of sentience but exhibit no forms of aggression, often responding to a wanderer's presence by drifting away in a nonchalant manner.

Entity 313 ("The Lost Child") - Manifesting as a small, weeping child, The Lost Child is an entity that appears to exist in a state of unending distress. It's speculated that its cries are a lure, drawing in empathetic wanderers into traps or perilous areas. It is generally advised to avoid direct interaction due to its unpredictable responses.

Entity 319 ("Echo Shadows") - Meet the likely authors of echoes - the Echo Shadows. You'll never see them, but you might sense them lurking just beyond your field of vision.

Entity 320 ("Static Entities") - Occasionally, one might discern vague shapes, akin to shadows, moving within the static. It remains uncertain whether these are sentient or merely random fluctuations in the static.

Entity 326 ("The Wanderer") - The Wanderer is an entity that appears as another lost soul traversing the Backrooms. Its static-like appearance and glitchy movements, however, reveal its true nature. Encounters with The Wanderer have reportedly led to heightened feelings of confusion, fear, and in some cases, intense paranoia.

Entity 329 ("White Walkers") - Out in the snow-blanketed distance, vague humanoid forms—White Walkers—drift aimlessly. They pay no heed to the wanderers, lost in their own frosty solitude.

Entity 337 ("The Doppelganger") - Known for its ability to adopt the appearance of those it encounters, The Doppelganger acts as a near-perfect mimic, using this ability to disorient and instill fear in its victims. It often imitates their actions and voices, causing the unsettling realization of being face-to-face with oneself.

Entity 349 ("The Shapeshifter") - The Shapeshifter is an entity known for its ability to transform into various forms, often adopting appearances that instill fear or discomfort. Its transformations are not limited to living beings, as it has been observed to assume the form of inanimate objects or even abstract concepts. The unpredictable nature of The Shapeshifter contributes to the inherent dangers of navigating the Backrooms.

Entity 350 ("Security Drones") - Your only company here are these hovering tech-pests. They usually keep to themselves, but tick them off, and you're in for a world of trouble.

Entity 351 ("Mirror-Beings") - The infinite mirrors of the Reflective Abyss harbor entities referred to as Mirror-Beings. These entities imitate the actions of the wanderers, but they don't always perfectly reflect the wanderers' movements. If a Mirror-Being's actions start to deviate from the wanderer's, it's considered a bad omen.

Entity 352 ("Data Worms") - These guys are digital serpents, fading in and out like ghosts. They're not hostile, but get too close, and they might short-circuit your brain a little.

Entity 353 ("Book Keepers") - These entities mimic humanoid figures, composed entirely of book pages. Generally neutral, they are primarily engaged in maintaining the library's order. However, they can demonstrate aggression if provoked.

Entity 354 ("Fluxers") - These unique entities have evolved to thrive within the dimensional flux, manipulating it to their benefit. Fluxers possess the uncanny ability to alter their spatial properties at will, phasing through matter and materializing or vanishing abruptly. Their intentions are shrouded in mystery and they pose a potential risk.

Entity 355 ("Box Guardians") - These entities mimic humanoid forms, composed entirely of cardboard. Their disposition is generally placid, unless provoked or if their crate domains are intruded upon.

Entity 356 ("Verdant Guardians") - These humanoid entities, fashioned from living plant matter, appear to be the custodians of this organic labyrinth and exhibit hostility towards those who inflict harm upon their charges.

Entity 357 ("Chameleon Crawlers") - These creatures perfectly mimic their leafy surroundings, using their formidable camouflage to silently track unsuspecting wanderers.

Entity 358 ("Saviours") - These entities appear in the guise of humans clad in rescue uniforms aboard small boats. They exhibit friendly behaviour, offering assistance to those stranded in this marine wasteland.

Entity 360 ("The Mirror") - This entity appears as a reflective surface that not only mirrors the visual aspect of its environment, but also replicates sounds and movements. The Mirror can significantly disorient wanderers, leading them to believe they're witnessing another room or entity. The illusion it creates is usually flawless, making it hard to distinguish The Mirror from a real passage or room.

Entity 365 ("Shadow People") - Shadowy figures that stay just out of sight. They're like a ghost story that never quite materializes, sticking to the edges of your vision. Unpredictable, mysterious, and best left undisturbed.

Entity 372 ("Stargazers") - Stargazers, resembling humanoid silhouettes, are always found in a state of contemplation, gazing up at the stars. They exhibit no desire for interaction with wanderers.

Entity 373 ("The Static Whisper") - Identified by the faint sounds of static that accompany it, The Static Whisper is known to emit a form of white noise that, when listened to closely, appears to form whispered conversations. These whispers often contain disorienting or disturbing content, adding to the psychological strain of navigating the Backrooms.

Entity 386 ("Vapor Beings") - This is where it gets a bit...otherworldly. There are these beings here, made of a shifting, colorful mist. They're passive, mostly, just wandering around or moving in time with the music.

Entity 388 ("The Weeping Willow") - Manifesting as a large, weeping willow tree within the Backrooms, this entity strikes as both hauntingly beautiful and deeply out of place. Its hanging branches and leaves are composed not of organic matter, but of the same material as the Backrooms themselves. Encounters with The Weeping Willow often induce a sense of melancholy and nostalgia.

Entity 399 ("The Silent Roar") - Associated with a sudden, overwhelming sense of dread, The Silent Roar manifests as a powerful, inaudible roar or scream felt rather than heard. It typically induces a temporary state of terror, often causing those affected to run without consideration for their direction or safety.

Entity 410 ("The Lonely King") - Often depicted as a regal figure sitting on a makeshift throne, The Lonely King is a melancholic and solitary entity. While it's not known to be violent, its presence tends to deepen the despair of those lost in the Backrooms. Some reports suggest it attempts to communicate, though its messages are cryptic and difficult to understand.

Entity 422 ("Road Ghosts") - The only companions here are the Road Ghosts. They're like fleeting shadows, dancing at the edge of your vision or standing far off on the road. They won't bother you, but try to approach them, and they vanish.

Entity 425 ("The Jester") - This entity appears as a jester, complete with a colorful suit and jingling bells. The Jester's behavior is unpredictable, with reports of silent stares, manic laughter, and unnerving dances. It seems to thrive off the confusion and fear it generates and may mimic the facial expressions of those who encounter it.

Entity 437 ("The Lurking Fear") - The Lurking Fear is associated with a persistent sense of impending danger. Its actual form remains unknown as it is always perceived out of the corner of the eye, as an undefined, menacing shape that disappears when directly observed. The intense, paralyzing fear it induces can immobilize wanderers, making them vulnerable to other entities or hazards in the Backrooms.

Entity 438 ("The Custodians") - Figureheads clad as custodial staff roam around, maintaining the ever-changing corridors. They typically stay away from conflict, unless instigated, that is.

Entity 439 ("Pixel Phantoms") - Witness spectral figures, immersed in their games. These Game Specters are so engrossed in play they don’t notice real-world wanderers like you and me.

Entity 440 ("Caretakers") - The only other denizens are entities that resemble human workers. Dressed in work attire, they seem busy organizing the crates, paying no mind to wanderers in their domain.

Entity 441 ("Arcaders") - Ghostly figures, dubbed the Arcaders, are frequently seen immersed in the digital duels. They pay no mind to wanderers, their spectral attention wholly riveted on their pixelated battles.

Entity 442 ("Janitors") - Humanoid entities that appear engaged in the endless task of tidying up. They're generally peaceful, showing indifference to wanderers unless directly engaged. Maybe best to let them work?

Entity 443 ("Green Thumbs") - Humanoid entities with a knack for gardening. These creatures are often seen tending to the plants. They don't pay much heed to wanderers, but they won't hesitate to defend themselves if threatened.

Entity 444 ("Artisans") - Composed of varied artistic materials, these humanoid entities, engage in dances of creation. They are often found either giving birth to new art pieces or preserving their adopted gallery. Artisans typically maintain their solitude but won't hesitate to display hostility if they or their precious creations are disturbed.

Entity 450 ("The Forgotten") - This entity manifests as an elusive figure that fades from memory shortly after being seen. Wanderers who encounter The Forgotten often can't recall any details about its appearance. It's unclear whether this memory loss is an effect of the entity or an inherent part of its existence. This entity’s effects often lead to disorientation and a loss of time perception.

Entity 461 ("The Hollow Voice") - The Hollow Voice is an entity known for its chilling vocalizations. It often mimics the sounds of crying, screaming, or laughter echoing through the Backrooms. Despite its unsettling noises, it's unclear if The Hollow Voice poses any direct physical threat. Many encounters with it result in increased anxiety but no physical harm.

Entity 476 ("The Flickering") - This entity is characterized by the visual distortion it causes in the surrounding area, similar to the flickering of a faulty light. The Flickering doesn't seem to possess a physical form, but its presence is marked by sudden shifts in lighting, drops in temperature, and a slight electrical charge in the air. While generally non-hostile, its presence can be disorienting and startling.

Entity 485 ("Reflections") - On Level -1.2, reflections have been known to exhibit independent or even antagonistic behavior. On other levels, they seem to mimic the wanderer, with rare reports of them acting autonomously or disappearing entirely. At other times, Reflections distinguishes themselves by not hosting its own entities but instead generating mirror duplicates of any entities that may have trailed a wanderer from Level -1. These mirrored entities pack the same peril as their non-mirrored counterparts.

Entity 488 ("The Manipulator") - Often appearing as a vague, humanoid figure, The Manipulator has the unsettling ability to manipulate the perceptions of those around it. Those who encounter this entity may suddenly perceive the Backrooms as a familiar place, or even their own home, creating a false sense of security. This deception can lead to prolonged stays in the Backrooms, as victims may refuse to leave what they perceive as a safe environment.

Entity 500 ("The Abyss Watcher") - The Abyss Watcher manifests as a pair of glowing eyes observing from the dark corners of the Backrooms. While it rarely interacts with wanderers, its ominous stare can induce feelings of dread and paranoia. There's speculation that the entity serves as a 'guardian' of some sort, though for what purpose remains unknown.

Entity 513 ("The Phantom Pain") - This entity is characterized by the sudden, inexplicable onset of severe pain experienced by those in its vicinity. The Phantom Pain doesn't seem to have a visible form, but victims often describe a sensation of being touched or grabbed before the pain begins. The pain subsides as suddenly as it comes once the entity departs or is no longer in close proximity.

Entity 527 ("The Unseen Stalker") - Known only through footprints that appear out of nowhere and strange rustling sounds, The Unseen Stalker is an entity that remains invisible to the human eye. Its presence creates an eerie atmosphere and a sense of being followed, contributing to the feelings of paranoia and unease in the Backrooms.

Entity 528 ("The Forgotten Executive") - This unsettling entity manifests as a gaunt man in a drab, yellow business suit. The suit matches the backrooms, looking frayed and water damaged. The executive has a professional haircut, and ashen grey skin with the pallor of death. When encountered, he always faces away from the traveler and remains still as a corpse, ... at first. Looking into the face of the executive results in overwhelming despair followed by a blackout and temporary memory loss.

The executive often appears holding a worn clipboard, or broken tablet with a cracked screen. When it moves, the movement is slow, deliberate and soundless. If a traveler finds themselves in front (instead of behind) the executive, they feel an overpowering desire to look into its eyes. It is said that the executive has a meeting to attend in the backrooms, and will always search the backrooms until it has found the correct room.

Many believe that the executive is harmless. However, being unconscious in an area with dangerous entities is never harmless.

Entity 531 ("Cave Crawlers") - Creepy-crawlies that scale the walls and ceilings. They generally keep to themselves but irk them, and you might have an eight-legged problem on your hands.

Entity 535 ("The Archivist") - This entity presents itself as a silent librarian or scholar, ceaselessly categorizing and documenting unseen information within an impossibly large collection of files or books. Those who approach The Archivist often find themselves overwhelmed with knowledge about the Backrooms, though this information usually slips from their memory soon after leaving its presence.

The Archivist is a peer to the The Librarian, and occasionally interacts with the minor librarians.

Entity 546 ("The Faded") - The Faded appears as a ghost-like figure, visible only in peripheral vision and disappearing when directly observed. The presence of The Faded is often accompanied by an inexplicable sense of loss or nostalgia. Despite its elusive nature, it doesn't appear to pose any physical threat, but its effects can lead to emotional distress.

Entity 560 ("The Time Thief") - The Time Thief is a mysterious entity associated with sudden and severe distortions in time perception. Those affected may experience moments that seem to stretch into hours, or hours that pass in what feels like seconds. While the Time Thief has no reported physical form, its influence can lead to disorientation and a loss of track of time, complicating navigation within the Backrooms.

Entity 568 ("The Mechanics") - Shadowy figures that appear and seemingly attend to the machines. Typically engrossed in their tasks, they prefer not to be disturbed by wanderers.

Entity 573 ("The Static Entity") - Manifesting as an undulating mass of static, The Static Entity is known to cause electrical devices to malfunction or cease operating entirely. Encountering this entity is often accompanied by a high-pitched ringing noise, akin to that of an old television set. The Static Entity's movements seem random, and it hasn't displayed any hostile behavior, but its presence can be unnerving and disruptive.

Entity 578 ("Flipped Ones") - These spectral inhabitants of Level -4, resembling inverted phantasmal humanoids, wander in seeming peace. But beware, they do not take kindly to close encounters.

Entity 579 ("Abyssal Wraiths") - These are immense, unseen entities that prowl beneath the ocean's surface. Their presence is typically heralded by gigantic, dark silhouettes that glide ominously under the water.

Entity 580 ("Phantom Commuters") - Spectral figures occasionally seen on platforms and within the confines of the trains. They seldom interact with wanderers, but their ghostly presence can instigate a pervasive sense of dread and paranoia.

Entity 581 ("Navigators") - Ethereal beings that materialize to offer guidance or potentially mislead wanderers. Their instructions are cryptic, leaving the reliability of their direction a subject of uncertainty.

Entity 582 ("Fabricators") - These are elusive, impalpable entities speculated to shape the environment of The Standstill. Although their presence can't be directly observed, alterations in the environment, such as a sudden warmth or a fleeting clear view through the fog, are often attributed to these spectral entities.

Entity 589 ("The Endless Diner") - More an anomaly than an entity, The Endless Diner is a seemingly infinite diner that exists within the Backrooms. It's always empty of patrons, but some report hearing distant sounds of cutlery and faint conversations. While it provides a temporary respite from the monotonous environment of the Backrooms, those who enter may find it difficult to leave.

Entity 595 ("Pulsars") - These entities are capable of thriving in the dynamic environment of Level -14. They display a fluid flexibility in their form and magnitude, mimicking the rhythmic distortions of the environment.

Entity 605 ("The Silent Orchestra") - The Silent Orchestra is an auditory entity known for its ethereal music that echoes through the halls of the Backrooms. Despite the name, no musicians or instruments are ever seen. The music can have a calming effect, but it may also lure wanderers into unexplored and potentially dangerous parts of the Backrooms.

Entity 616 ("The Eternal Patient") - This entity often manifests as a spectral figure wrapped in old-fashioned hospital attire, complete with bandages obscuring its face. It is usually found aimlessly wandering or occasionally lying prone, as if awaiting medical treatment that never comes. Encounters with The Eternal Patient are generally non-threatening, but its sorrowful presence contributes to the unease within the Backrooms.

Entity 694 ("Drowned Wanderers") - Soaked shadows of human form, these entities drift aimlessly through the watery labyrinth. They are typically non-hostile, unless roused to action.

Entity 623 ("The Shattered Reflection") - The Shattered Reflection is an entity that seems to inhabit mirrors or reflective surfaces within the Backrooms. It presents as a broken reflection of the observer, often with disquieting distortions or alterations. While it doesn't pose a physical threat, its presence can be deeply unsettling and contribute to psychological stress.

Entity 640 ("The Wandering Child") - Often heard before it is seen, The Wandering Child is characterized by the sound of a child's laughter or crying. It appears as a small, shadowy figure darting around corners or scurrying in the peripheral vision. Its intentions and behavior are largely enigmatic, adding to the unnerving atmosphere of the Backrooms. - Backrooms Entities (4)

Entity 655 ("The Watchful Shadows") - The Watchful Shadows are a collection of shadow-like entities that cling to the darkest corners of the Backrooms. Their form is indistinct, shifting and merging with the darkness. While they don't seem to pose any direct threat, their constant surveillance intensifies the feelings of unease and paranoia commonly experienced in the Backrooms.

Entity 666 ("The Room Eater") - Known as one of the most dangerous entities in the Backrooms, The Room Eater presents as a swirling vortex that appears on walls, floors, or ceilings. It seemingly devours the space around it, creating an impenetrable darkness. The Room Eater is feared not only for its destructive nature but also for the unknown fate that befalls anyone unfortunate enough to be drawn into it.

Entity 673 ("The Whispering Fog") - This entity appears as a dense, creeping fog that muffles sounds and distorts vision. The Whispering Fog is known for the faint, unintelligible whispers heard by those who find themselves enveloped in it. It's uncertain whether these whispers are an attempt at communication or simply a byproduct of the entity's presence.

Entity 677 ("Locker Phantoms") - Beware the spectral beings that materialize when a locker door is wrenched open. They let loose a blood-curdling scream and might freeze you in your tracks with terror, but don't worry, they're more bark than bite.

Entity 680 ("The Shimmering Mirage") - The Shimmering Mirage manifests as a fluctuating, iridescent form that can mimic the appearance of doorways, windows, or even entire scenes from the outside world. This entity is non-hostile but can lead wanderers astray with its illusionary manifestations, often resulting in further disorientation within the Backrooms.

Entity 690 ("The Static Scream") - Often signaled by a sudden rush of static noise, The Static Scream is an entity that interferes with electronic devices, turning them into conduits for its terrifying, high-pitched shrieks. It doesn't appear to have a physical form, but its sonic attack can cause severe disorientation and panic.

Entity 700 ("The Lost Guide") - The Lost Guide is a spectral figure often spotted from a distance, appearing as a wanderer who has mastered navigation of the Backrooms. Attempts to approach or follow it often lead to more confusion, as it disappears around corners or behind structures. Despite its misleading nature, The Lost Guide doesn't appear to be a hostile entity.

Entity 701 ("City Stalkers") - Humanoid shadows that meander through the city's labyrinthine streets, generally apathetic towards wanderers, unless provoked.

Entity 702 ("Conductors") - Spotted any old-fashioned conductor uniforms? Yes? Then you've seen the Conductors, humanoid entities that couldn't be bothered with wanderers and never leave their trains. What they're really up to, though, is anybody's guess. Many speculate that conductors work for "The Conductor".

Entity 712 ("The Weeping Echo") - The Weeping Echo is a disembodied entity identified by its signature sound - a faint, sorrowful weeping that reverberates through the endless hallways. It's often associated with an unshakable sense of despair that lingers long after the crying has stopped. Direct encounters with The Weeping Echo are rare and its intentions remain unclear.

Entity 725 ("The Forgotten") - This entity takes the form of seemingly ordinary objects - a misplaced shoe, a forgotten toy, a discarded letter - which radiate an uncanny sense of familiarity. Those who come into contact with The Forgotten often experience a flood of false memories, leading to confusion and a distortion of their sense of reality.

Entity 735 ("The Recurring Nightmare") - This entity is a shapeshifter, able to take the form of a person's deepest fear or darkest memory. Encounters with The Recurring Nightmare are highly subjective and can cause severe psychological trauma. Despite its horrifying nature, it does not appear to pose a physical threat.

Entity 750 ("The Vortex") - The Vortex is a spatial anomaly often seen on the walls or floor of the Backrooms. It manifests as a swirling portal that appears to lead to other parts of the Backrooms. Though it may seem like a shortcut, entering The Vortex often leads to disorientation and can transport wanderers to more dangerous parts of the Backrooms.

Entity 760 ("Architects") - These entities, resembling humanoid figures constructed from plaster and wood, mimic the surrounding environment of Level -13. On other levels, they may adopt an ethereal form. They oversee the ceaseless reshaping of the corridors and generally disregard wanderers unless their work is disrupted.

Entity 766 ("The False Exit") - The False Exit manifests as an enticing, familiar-looking door or exit sign that seems to offer a way out of the Backrooms. In reality, passing through The False Exit simply leads to another part of the maze-like Backrooms, disorienting the victim and often leading them deeper into the labyrinth.

Entity 771 ("Eternals") - These entities inhabit numerous reflections concurrently, as if they exist outside the normal constraints of space and time. Interaction with Eternals can be intriguing, as their actions mirror across the parallel reflections.

Entity 780 ("The Living Walls") - The Living Walls refer to a phenomena where the walls of the Backrooms appear to breathe, shift, or pulsate. Although unsettling, The Living Walls seem to be a non-hostile entity, yet their movement can cause disorientation and may lead to the alteration of already confusing paths.

Entity 795 ("The Window") - This entity takes the form of a window, a rare sight in the Backrooms. However, any attempt to reach or look through The Window results in it moving farther away. This entity poses no direct harm but has been known to cause frustration and despair among those desperate for a way out.

Entity 803 ("The Timekeeper") - The Timekeeper manifests as an old-fashioned, large clock standing alone in the endless expanse of the Backrooms. It is an ominous presence, as its hands run erratically, and it often chimes at random intervals. The ticking of The Timekeeper can induce a trance-like state, leading victims further astray.

Entity 804 ("Serpents") - These are the primary entities within Level 25. Serpents, named for their snakelike appearance, navigate the labyrinth with ease. They are typically non-hostile but may exhibit defensive behaviors when threatened.

Entity 805 ("Silent Stalkers") - These entities lurk beneath the quagmire's surface, only revealing their presence through occasional ripples in the thick liquid. It is advisable to avoid the deeper pools to prevent potential encounters.

Entity 806 ("Holographic Projections") - The holographic images in Level 28 are intangible. Attempts to touch or interact with these projections will result in one's hand simply phasing through them.

Entity 807 ("Flickers") - Flickers are elusive entities native to Level 29 that have adapted to the level's volatile conditions. They phase in and out of visibility in sync with the environment, rendering them nearly imperceptible and difficult to track. Flickers do not seem related to "The Flicker" found elsewhere in the Backrooms.

Entity 808 ("Electric Worms") - Imagine a glow worm but with a shocking personality. Attracted to all things electrical, they're a potential hazard.

Entity 809 ("Antique Furniture") - Despite the allure of the antique furniture in The Paralyzing Parlor, it is advisable to avoid it. Upon contact, the furniture induces a numbing sensation, which intensifies the longer one remains in contact, ultimately resulting in temporary paralysis.

Entity 810 ("Walkways") - Although solid and stable, the walkways may occasionally seem to move, enhancing disorientation. Rumors suggest the existence of hidden trapdoors leading to undisclosed levels of the Backrooms.

Entity 811 ("The Terminal Staff") - These entities mirror the appearance of a retro flight crew, including pilots, stewards, and stewardesses. Typically non-aggressive, they might become hostile if a wanderer attempts to board a flight without their name being announced.

Entity 812 ("Chasm Specters") - You'll feel them before you see them. They're hanging out in the chasm's shadows, making the place hum louder. Usually, they're cool if you're cool. Don't provoke them.

Entity 813 ("Window Shadows") - The only signs of life—or unlife?—are the silhouetted figures lurking behind windows or at the far ends of streets. They won’t respond to your calls and vanish if approached.

Entity 814 ("Spirit Stags") - These entities resemble ethereal, deer-like creatures called Spirit Stags, often seen meandering in the distance. Generally non-aggressive, they may cause hallucinations and disorientation if directly interacted with, thus caution is advised.

Entity 815 ("The Corridor") - The Corridor is an anomalous stretch of the Backrooms, distinguished by its unending, perfectly straight path. Walking down The Corridor seems to stretch time, with victims reporting what feels like days passing without reaching the end. It's a non-hostile entity, but its presence contributes to the disorientating nature of the Backrooms.

Entity 825 ("The Echo") - The Echo is an auditory entity, repeating fragments of overheard conversations, footsteps, or even laughter. While it has no physical form, its echoes can lead wanderers astray or into danger. The Echo's source is untraceable, and its mimicry adds to the eeriness of the Backrooms.

Entity 835 ("The Flicker") - The Flicker is a light-based entity that behaves anomalously, often seen as sudden, unexpected changes in the intensity or color of the lighting within the Backrooms. This can result in disorientation or temporary blindness, and there are reports of The Flicker leading wanderers into the territory of more hostile entities.

Entity 846 ("The Riddle") - This entity manifests as cryptic messages written on the walls of the Backrooms. The contents of these messages are typically paradoxes, unsolvable riddles, or nonsensical statements. While it poses no direct threat, The Riddle can heighten feelings of unease and confusion among those who encounter its messages.

Entity 855 ("The Mover") - The Mover is an entity that manifests as abrupt, unexpected shifts in the layout of the Backrooms. Rooms, corridors, and even entire sections can be rearranged without warning. The Mover is a significant contributor to the labyrinthine nature of the Backrooms and has led many wanderers astray.

Entity 867 ("The Familiar Stranger") - This entity takes the form of a person who seems familiar to the observer but is always just out of clear sight. The Familiar Stranger does not communicate or interact with those who see it, adding to the overall eerie atmosphere of the Backrooms. Its purpose or intent is unknown.

Entity 872 ("Marine Wraiths") - These are spectral, fish-like entities that radiate a soft luminescence. They generally disregard wanderers, moving in captivating patterns and intermittently phasing through tangible structures.

Entity 888 ("The Loop") - The Loop is a phenomenon where a wanderer in the Backrooms finds themselves returning to the same location repeatedly, regardless of the direction or distance they travel. It's one of the most disorienting entities within the Backrooms, creating an illusion of infinite repetition and exacerbating feelings of helplessness.

Entity 889 ("Red Rovers") - These entities are composed entirely of the same crimson wires that infest the level. They demonstrate remarkable agility and speed as they traverse the wire networks. Red Rovers typically display non-aggression unless their wires are disturbed.

Entity 890 ("Glowing Flowers") - The Spectral Garden's flowers are stunningly beautiful but emit a soothing, hypnotic glow that may induce drowsiness in wanderers. It is advised to avoid prolonged exposure to these plants.

Entity 891 ("Void Shades") - Invisible entities that sow feelings of intense loneliness and despair. These unseen forces, unlike the mild hum of Level -5, are often sensed rather than seen, presenting a disconcerting presence.

Entity 892 ("Fire Shades") - Ethereal entities that embody the essence of flames, seen drifting through the level. While they're usually non-aggressive, their presence can trigger profound dread and panic.

Entity 893 ("Mirrors") - Entities that manifest as shadowy, distorted versions of previously encountered beings. They seem to mimic the actions of their original counterparts, but are typically devoid of hostility. Many speculate that "The Mirror" belongs to this entity class.

Entity 894 ("Ghostly Gardeners") - The Ghostly Gardeners, ethereal humanoid entities, can be observed diligently caring for the garden's flora. They generally disregard the presence of wanderers, wholly absorbed in their tasks. Interfering with their work is highly discouraged.

Entity 895 ("Astral Entities") - Known as the Astral Entities or Starborn, these creatures appear as constellations given humanoid form. They generally exhibit a passive demeanor, largely ignoring wanderers unless instigated.

Entity 896 ("Shards") - Known as Shards, these entity clusters reflect the fractured environment of the level, appearing as discordant amalgamations of different entities from various levels. They are typically unpredictable and can display aggressive behavior.

Entity 897 ("Stairwalkers") - Stairwalkers are shadowy entities that briefly appear in peripheral vision. They possess a humanoid shape and are more often heard than seen. Their motivations and behaviors remain a mystery.

Entity 900 ("The Sentinel") - Now, here's a curious one, folks! A towering, shadowy figure ominously known as The Sentinel. It just... stands there in the distance, not moving an inch, not making a sound. It doesn't interact or cause harm, but, goodness, does it give off some chilling vibes! It's like a constant, silent reminder of all the dangers that lurk in the Backrooms. Is it watching us? Or just passively existing? Who knows, but it's a hot topic for debate among us lost souls.

Entity 910 ("The Chaser") - Brace yourselves for this one! It's a real hair-raiser. Meet The Chaser. A lightning-fast, unpredictable presence that seems to be forever on your tail in the Backrooms. Never seen it directly, don't even know what it looks like, but those frantic footsteps echoing through the corridors? Sends shivers down your spine, let me tell you!

Entity 925 ("The Static One") - Oh boy, this entity is one tricky customer. Picture a human-shaped static that messes with your vision and every electronic gadget you have. That's our friend, The Static One. Makes your head spin, upsets your stomach. Not exactly a friendly encounter. Usually, when you spot this one, it means there are more unpleasant entities on the way.

Entity 926 ("Star Beasts") - Mysterious entities that originate from the cosmic spectacle above. Generally, they are indifferent to wanderers unless provoked.

Entity 927 ("Shivers") - Ethereal entities known as The Shivers silently waft through the cold, signifying their presence through a sudden temperature drop and an unsettling aura. It is strongly advised to avoid direct contact.

Entity 928 ("Floaters") - Semi-transparent entities known as The Floaters glide silently through the sky, emanating soft, tranquil melodies. They generally exhibit a non-hostile demeanor, unless provoked.

Entity 929 ("Sphere Guardians") - Amorphous luminous entities known as Sphere Guardians patrol the Dyson Sphere, seemingly assigned with the maintenance and repair of the structure. They typically ignore wanderers unless the structure is tampered with.

Entity 930 ("Commuters") - These folks wander around like they're late for a flight. They usually keep to themselves but, you know, best not to disturb 'em.

Entity 931 ("Hellspawn") - Horrific and nightmarish entities roam this realm, brandishing aggression and an inherent threat to all who enter. Keep them at arm's length, if not further.

Entity 932 ("Inferno Wraiths") - Ghostly beings that manifest as orbs of fire, these entities can sear flesh on contact and seem unnervingly drawn to movement.

Entity 933 ("Stone Colossi") - Massive, statue-like beings that cause the very ground to quake with their movement. While lumbering and slow, their towering stature and formidable strength make them a dire threat.

Entity 934 ("Shadow Figures") - There's always someone in the corner of your eye here. They keep to themselves, but they sure know how to give you the creeps.

Entity 935 ("Pipe Crawlers") - Crawling amid the industrial intestines, these mechanical creatures are not hostile per se, but tread on their territory, and their multitudinous limbs may turn against you.

Entity 940 ("The Lost Child") - This one... this one really pulls at your heartstrings. Imagine a small, ghostly kid, aimlessly wandering the Backrooms. Always seems upset, crying, calling out for its mother. It doesn't mean any harm, but the sounds, oh, the sounds. It's enough to fill your heart with despair and a terrible sense of loneliness.

Entity 941 ("Howlin' Hank Whittaker") - Most just all him "Hank". Believed to be one of the oldest inhabitants of the Backrooms. This rocking-chair-sitting teller of dad jokes is rumored to have an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the Backrooms. Some more odd rumors suggest that he once saved all of the Backrooms and the Frontrooms, but that's probably just a rumor.

Entity 942 ("Sentinels") - Sentinels are entities resembling knights who patrol the castle. They remain mostly passive unless provoked. If a wanderer is observed damaging the castle or causing disorder, the Sentinels will turn aggressive. "The Sentinel" that shows itself throughout the Backrooms is thought to be a powerful being related to these entities.

Entity 943 ("Spectral Dragons") - These entities resemble large, ethereal dragons. They generally disregard wanderers and primarily glide through the aurora-lit sky. They exhibit no signs of aggression.

Entity 944 ("Whisper Wraiths") - Spectral entities meandering the caverns, attracted by the whispers. While generally peaceful, they may show hostility if their paths are obstructed.

Entity 945 ("Skeleton Serpents") - These bone-constructed entities slither through the Boneyard Tunnels. They exhibit hostility when approached or disturbed but generally disregard wanderers if left alone.

Entity 946 ("Ghost Lanterns") - These spectral lanterns emit a faint glow, providing minimal illumination. They appear to be intangible, phasing through any solid matter they encounter.

Entity 947 ("The Tavern Keeper") - The only consistent entity in this level is The Tavern Keeper, a towering, spectral figure that tends to the bar but does not engage with visitors.

Entity 948 ("Tom") - Even in the Backrooms you have thriving entrepreneurs. Tom's a friendly one, and often the first friendly face new wanderers in the Backrooms encounter.

Entity 955 ("The Forgotten One") - Alright, last up, we've got The Forgotten One. It's a spectral figure, pale as moonlight, that seems to be lost in its own world, stuck in some endless loop of behavior. Whenever it's around, there's this overwhelming wave of sadness and loss that hits you. Really adds to the emotional whirlwind of being in the Backrooms.

Entity 963 ("The Echoing Silence") - Ready for some spine-tingling silence? Let me introduce you to The Echoing Silence. Ever been in a room where every sound, even the ones you didn't know you were hearing, suddenly goes silent? Well, it's something like that. An abrupt, complete silence that really throws you off balance. Makes you feel all alone, and let me tell you, it cranks up the creep factor of the Backrooms several notches.

Entity 967 ("Thespians") - These entities are always visible on stage, immersed in some form of theatrical performance. They seem oblivious to the presence of wanderers and persist in their cryptic acts. They can assume any form, from traditional actors to more abstract entities, always corresponding with the ongoing performance.

Entity 975 ("The Scribe") - Next up is The Scribe, a real enigma of the Backrooms. This entity has an obsessive habit of scratching cryptic symbols on the walls. No one's really seen this creature in action, but its artwork is all over the place. These symbols, in a language no one seems to recognize, are a hot topic for study among us wanderers. What are they? A message? A warning? Who knows!

Entity 978 ("Timekeepers") - Amidst the mechanical ballet, humanoid entities, the Timekeepers, go about their duties. Crafted from the same clockwork as their realm, they maintain and repair the machinations, hardly acknowledging the presence of wanderers.

Entity 990 ("The Shimmer") - The Shimmer, now this one's a mind-bender. It's like a living mirage that warps the already weird reality of the Backrooms. When you walk into The Shimmer, you're in for some serious dizziness, time feeling all stretchy, and maybe even some hallucinations. It won't hurt you, but it sure will make your trip through the Backrooms even more uncanny.

Entity 995 ("The Unseen") - Meet The Unseen, an entity that's as elusive as they come. You can't see it, but you can feel it. It's like someone's watching you, or a whisper you just can't trace. No physical harm, but the psychological toll? That's another story. This sneaky entity can really mess with your head, add to your stress levels in the Backrooms.

Entity 998 ("Mirage Fauna") - Level -20 plays host to a variety of fauna entities that blend seamlessly with the environment. These seemingly harmless creatures enhance the level's utopian illusion but their abrupt disappearance during environmental shifts hint at their illusory nature.

Entity 999 ("The Endless") - Last, but definitely not least, we've got The Endless. It's not really a thing, more like a phenomenon. It's the experience of walking, walking, and walking some more, but never getting anywhere. Many of us lost in the Backrooms know this feeling all too well. It can really make you feel stuck, hopeless, and infinitely trapped in this labyrinth we're all in.

Micro-Entities -Miniaturized renditions of entities from all previous levels can be encountered within Confluence. They exhibit traits and behaviors akin to their larger counterparts but pose significantly less threat owing to their reduced stature. - Backrooms Entities (2024)
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