Aeroplan 40th Anniversary Promotions: Bonus Points and Savings (2024)

Aeroplan, the loyalty program of Air Canada, is turning 40.

To celebrate, it’s offering bonus points on hotel stays and car rentals, bonus points on gift cards, a discount when purchasing points, a points rebate, and — what we think is the best offer — 40% bonus points. You can get 40% bonus points on both points transfers and on spending with the Aeroplan® Credit Card.

That’s a lot to unpack, so let us help you understand these multiple offers.

Even if you never visit Canada, it’s worth knowing about and using the Aeroplan loyalty program. From modest taxes and fees on award tickets to friendly stopover policies and favorable redemption rates, there’s a lot to like. Right now, there’s even more to enjoy with these offers. We’ll start with the juiciest.

Win 1 Million Points

Your chances of winning might be low, but Aeroplan is giving 1 million points to 40 different winners. You’ll need to enroll here with your account number plus accept the terms and conditions.

Register by July 17, 2024 for a chance to win. Plus, if you’ve got Aeroplan elite status, you’ll automatically get 2 entries — doubling your chances of winning.

40% Bonus Points on Aeroplan Card Purchases for 4 Days

You’ll need to register for this offer. Afterward, you’ll earn 40% bonus points on purchases with your Aeroplan card (issued by Chase) from July 14 to 17, 2024. Unfortunately, other co-branded Aeroplan credit cards aren’t eligible for this offer.

The 40% bonus applies to every dollar spent on these 4 days, up to a maximum of $40,000. Authorized user spending is included, but note that cash-equivalent transactions don’t qualify. Allow up to 10 weeks to receive the bonus points.

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40% Bonus Points for New Aeroplan Cardholders

While the above offer is useful for existing Aeroplan cardholders, what if you don’t have the card yet? There’s an even better offer for new applicants.

If you’ve never had an Aeroplan co-branded credit card (not just this card, but no Aeroplan co-branded credit card of any type), apply for the Aeroplan card between July 8 and July 17, 2024, and then make your first purchase on the card by August 31, 2024. If you do, you’ll earn 40% bonus points on every dollar spent within the first 40 days from your first purchase. This offer applies to a maximum of $40,000 of purchases and can’t be combined with the offer above for existing cardholders.

These bonus earnings are in addition to earning the card’s welcome bonus offer, which means your first few months as a cardholder can be lucrative. Note that the points from the welcome bonus offer won’t receive the 40% bonus. The current welcome bonus on the Aeroplan card is: Earn 70,000 points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. Apply for your 1st Aeroplan card from 7/8-7/17, and earn 40% bonus points on purchases for 40 days on up to $40,000 spent.

Bottom Line:

Apply for the card by July 17, 2024, and make your first purchase by August 31 to trigger the 40% bonus, which runs for 40 days from your first purchase.

40% Transfer Bonus From Accor

From July 8 to July 17, 2024, get a 40% bonus on points transfers from Accor Live Limitless to Aeroplan. Normally, you’ll convert 4,000 Accor points to 2,000 Aeroplan points — a 2:1 transfer ratio. With the 40% bonus, you’ll come away with 2,800 Aeroplan points after converting 4,000 Accor points.

Unfortunately, Aeroplan’s other hotel partners aren’t included in this transfer bonus. The terms say it can take 8 to 10 weeks for bonus points to appear in your Aeroplan account.

Bonus Points on Air Canada Gift Cards

After registering for this offer, you can earn 4 bonus Aeroplan points for each dollar spent on Air Canada gift cards from July 8 to 17, 2024.

The maximum purchase is $2,000 per transaction, and you’ll only earn 4x points on $10,000 worth of purchases during the promotional period. That can net you up to 40,000 Aeroplan points.

Bonus points don’t apply to reloading existing gift cards and may take up to 10 weeks to hit your account. Additionally, bonus points are not Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) and don’t count toward Everyday Status Qualification (EDQ).

20% Points Rebate on Hotels and Rental Cars

While you typically think of redeeming Aeroplan points for flights, it’s also possible to use your points for other things. Right now, you can get 20% of your points back when redeeming at least 20,000 points in a single transaction toward a hotel booking or rental car reservation.

To be eligible, you need to book by July 17, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Eligible reservations are from July 4 to December 31, 2024. The points will be credited back to your account within 6 weeks.

Bonus Points and Discounts on Rental Cars

Instead of using your points for a rental car, you can earn bonus points on paid bookings and even save up to 30%. Rentals with Avis and Budget qualify for 4x earnings on every dollar spent from July 8 to 17, 2024. Earnings are calculated based on Canadian Dollars (CAD). 1 CAD is worth roughly $0.73.

You’ll also qualify for up to a 30% discount off base rates with Avis and Budget, available for rentals in the U.S. and Canada. There are coupon codes you’ll need to use for these offers:

  • C682300 provides up to 30% off Avis bookings.
  • MCAA003 gives you bonus points with Avis.
  • A258200 offers the Budget discount of up to 30%.
  • MCAZ007 gives you bonus points with Budget.

All rentals must be completed by December 15, 2024 to qualify.

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Coming Soon: Buy Aeroplan Points With a 125% Bonus

From July 8 to July 11, 2024, you’ll be able to buy Aeroplan points with up to a 125% bonus. Then, from July 12 to 19, 2024, you’ll be able to buy points with a 100% bonus.

Buying Aeroplan points with a 125% bonus will drop the purchase price to 1.14 cents per point. That’s well under our average value of Aeroplan points (1.5 cents apiece). Thus, you could save money on flights by purchasing the required points for a redemption, rather than paying cash.

Hot Tip:

If your Aeroplan account balance is low, you don’t have to purchase points. You can transfer points to Aeroplan from Amex Membership Rewards, Bilt Rewards, Capital One miles, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Marriott Bonvoy.

Final Thoughts

For its 40th anniversary, Air Canada’s Aeroplan program has a lot going on. You can earn or redeem points with a bonus on car rentals, get a points rebate on hotel bookings using points, and even earn bonus points when buying gift cards. However,the best offers apply to the Aeroplan card from Chase. The current welcome bonus offer: Earn 70,000 points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. Apply for your 1st Aeroplan card from 7/8-7/17, and earn 40% bonus points on purchases for 40 days on up to $40,000 spent.. That could yield up to 16,000 extra Aeroplan points. Not bad.

Aeroplan 40th Anniversary Promotions: Bonus Points and Savings (2024)
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